And so this is it.

My life in a nutshell. It’s messy these days. Torn amongst (yes, amongst. Not between, because this involves more than two things) interning, planning for graduating, dabbling in extra-curricular activities, volunteering with love, and finding a direction for the career. Awesome.

And so refusing to be ordinary (though I’m beginning to think ordinary is pretty cool), I’ve made the resolution to blog. Regularly. All my other blogs have died (I have the attention span of a three  year old and tire easily).

Dedicated to the love for animals, the love for people around me, the love for all things fascinating. And of course, the dislike for things that irritate, the dislike for presumptuous creatures, the dislike for whatever, whenever.

The new blog. First post awaits.

Meanwhile, an interesting site. (courtesy of ajussi pek)


One response to “And so this is it.

  1. hellooooo i read your blog now! haha.

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