Of viruses, cigarettes and thrillers

“Virus, yes. H1N1, probably not.”

Words of wisdom from my friendly neighborhood doctor. Battling the nausea, runny nose and incessant coughing, the verdict is: no H1n1. Just some strange obscure stomach/flu virus that’s making my stomach and nose go crazy.

Butter Factory has come under the H1N1 cluster. Five cases. What a way to go. There’s probably no better place to spread a virus than a club. Stuffy, crowded, close dancing. Not to forget, sharing of drinks.

And then there’s Obama signing the “historic tobacco law“, giving the government powers to curb cigarette makers in the US of A. Historic, indeed. Battling “special interests” and probably excessive lobbying. This president certainly looks set to bring the “Yes We Can” chant alive. I’m still undecided. Maybe time will change that. Or a “historic firearms law”.

Moving on to things more trivial, Harper’s Island is starting to take a turn for the disappointing. What happened to keeping to your marketing? The show’s been hyped up to be a thriller, that would ultimately reveal a killer amongst the group of people who came onto the island for the wedding. And then episode 10 reveals John Wakefield is alive and the mastermind behind these sick games. After building up to the whole “who dunnit” Cluedo-style climax,  that’s how the producers want to go? Returning to the original killer who committed the same spinechilling crimes 7 years ago on the same island, making him the killer for these new crimes. Gosh, I thought there would be a throw-you-completely-off-the-couch-and-leave-you-speechless-long-after-the-last-episode-has-ended kind of ending to this otherwise promising show. There goes my motivation to catch the show every Sunday. Prove me wrong, please.

On that note, I’m back to the wonderful MC. To do the “socially responsible” thing and stay home for two days till this mysterious virus clears. N95 mask, anyone?


3 responses to “Of viruses, cigarettes and thrillers

  1. Told you Wakefield was alive =) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. janeconfessions

    Hello Jem! You actually read this. Haha. Yay. This time I am determined to not let my blog die. At least I’ll try real hard =X

  3. sharing more than drinks maybe. hmmm…

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