The world is weird. Period.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more strange, this happens.

Lifeguard jailed for using knife amid heated quarrel
24 June 2009
Straits Times

Singapore – TWO lifeguards on duty at a public pool noticed a woman about to plunge in wearing the wrong attire. While it was their duty to turn her away, both tried to get the other to do the unpleasant task. Soon it became a quarrel. Eventually, one went to get a knife and cut the other man’s hand with it. Yesterday, Zhu Lijun, 26, was jailed for three months after pleading guilty to using the small knife on his colleague Chi Xiang, 25. He could have been jailed for up to a year and fined up to $5,000. A district court heard that both men were on duty on the afternoon of May1 at the Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre in Anchorvale Road. They quarrelled about the wrongly attired swimmer at 3pm, and Zhu went home soon after his shift ended. But he returned with two knives in a bag as he wanted to settle the matter. A third lifeguard, Ms Sum Chew Yin, 53, tried to act as peacemaker and got both men to discuss the matter in the locker room. The peace talks failed, tempers flared, and the knife came out. In the struggle, Mr Chi’s left index finger sustained a 1cm cut. Zhu’s lawyer, Mr Peter Ong Lip Cheng, told the court that the two men, both Chinese nationals, knew each other while studying at the Chengdu Sports University in China before coming here to work as lifeguards with the Singapore Sports Council. Mr Ong said Zhu had been incensed by his good friend calling him a ‘watchdog’ in Mandarin. Asking the judge for a lenient sentence, Mr Ong said his client was deeply remorseful and is now worried that his jail term would ruin his future here. Mr Chi, who was in court, looked upset that his friend had been jailed. He declined to speak to reporters.

Just get the woman to get out of the pool. How hard can it be? Unless the woman has hundred over snakes on her head and turns anyone who looks at her into stone. Then pardon me for assuming it was easy. Cutting your friend’s hand off is definitely easier.


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