In recent crises

Random rants: Magazines are such strange things.

See, I understand why magazines want people to buy them, advertise with them, carry each issue to work, school, bathe, eat, sleep. You’d want everyone to love your baby. And I find my fair share of joy flipping through mindless gloss and pretty pictures.

The strange thing is, you’d think writers know better than to advertise themselves as the magazine for “sophisticated”, “empowered” and “intelligent” individuals. First, how do you define sophistication? Or empowered or intelligent, at that. Second, when did picking a magazine off the racks immediately turn one into a “sophisticated, empowered and intelligent” individual? Call me a cynic, but reading taglines like that make me *guffaw* in my seat. A magazine is a magazine is a magazine. You buy it because you’re bored, you buy it because you need some mind-numbing entertainment, you buy it because you have too much money leftover from doing good meaningful things. I doubt advertising yourself as the magazine for “sophisticated, fashion-forward, intelligent, high-power,yadayadablahblah” leaves that much of an impact. Chill, relax. People will love your baby, puzzling and nonsensical terms aside.

The recent economic crisis (gosh I hate that term, it is fastly becoming a cliche) has left its indelible mark on many. Especially magazines. Many publications have shut down their printers, for good. An ode to Citta Bella: You’ll be dearly missed after August (I don’t read you, but I’m sure thousands of women out there do).

This internship has injected a small dose of angst towards publications. I love them really, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve never felt this updated and in-the-loop for current affairs. Last minute needs to dial up media contacts for mundane facts aside, I think I truly love it. But still, 6 weeks.

6 weeks, baby.


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