Marketing, Fail.

Mind Blowing
It’ll blow you away. Now how many of us have come across this poster on our way to school, work, play, shopping, mindless hours of aimless walking around wherever it is we like to walkabout? Or rather, should I say how many haven’t seen this poster?
The first time I saw it, I thought, “Hmm… funny way of trying to illustrate that the burger is so big that it can’t fit the mouth.”
Then I did a double-take.
Of all the ideas in the world, what the heck was Burger King’s marketing director thinking when he (sorry I have the tendency to believe the director was male. My stereotypical thinking defeats all better judgment) approved this? Probably something along the lines of “Hey, my ad has sexual innuendo, and a pretty baseless one at that! This will definitely make money.”, or “It’s so funny, I don’t care if it makes sense. My work’s so boring I need a laugh.”
Of course, this is just a little blip in the humongous track of marketing, fail. The world is indeed weird. Now advertisers have gone bonkers as well. In the words of Crunch, “There are too many stupid people in this world.”
On that note, another interesting thing that I stumbled on at work today. Though I’ve been speaking and typing the language for years, it never once dawned on me that “jewellery” (british spelling) looked weird. Jew-el-le-ry. For some reason, it sounded horribly Singlish. I even stopped in the midst of typing to check if I’ve typed out a Singlish term by accident (oh gosh the thought). Moments of Googling later (Thank God for creating the creators of Google), I find out it’s British spelling. Americans go “jewelry”. Now doesn’t that make more sense? Hmm. Language befuddles me.
Now back to reminiscing the times I grew up to the legend’s music. Heal The World, Bad, Billie Jean, Childhood, I could go on forever. I’m gonna miss the legend, bad rep and all. This shall headline our dinner conversation tonight at Anatolia. Reviews of the restaurant up soon.




2 responses to “Marketing, Fail.

  1. what’s funny is that the copywriter claims the ad is targeted towards young males, because this demography is inching to put 7″ phallic symbols into their mouth.

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