Looking for a perfect hangout?

I wouldn’t claim I know where the best hangouts are, because that really depends on what kind of person you might be. Some like the outdoors (then I’d recommend the zoo, night safari, bird park, marina barrage, you get the idea). Some melt under the sun (shopping, movies, clubbing, indoor sports, whatever avoids the sun would then be the place of choice). Though some would argue that activities like catching a movie and clubbing aren’t conducive for catching up with a bunch of good friends. That’s another story that I shall consider picking up, maybe some time later.

What I might possibly be able to do, is to suggest where not to go. Reviews:

Anatolia – for some reason, this place was apparently a favorite among many students back in the days. The restaurant was rumored to be a great find, with good food at a good price. Some things stay true to its reputation, the kebab isn’t bad. It’s actually some kind of tasty. The taste, however, didn’t justify the price. $6 for a doner (sandwich), $8 for a wrap. It made me miss Kwik Meal. Alas, I doubt I’d get to eat that any time soon. The place also had not much of an atmosphere, unless a quiet place on a Friday night is what you’re looking for. All in all, it was disappointing. ShihLin chicken was better (I guess that says a lot about a place).

Minds Cafe (Prinsep Street) – The place had bad service. To be fair, I don’t remember them having such bad service, thus the decision to go. Perhaps it was the amount of people on a Saturday afternoon. Seemingly understaffed, help came at a snail’s pace. Snacks only came after the third round of asking. I don’t even know how to begin describing help with the boardgames in one sentence. A description, it shall be.

“Hi! Can you teach us how to play this game?”

“Okay, give me a minute.”

Five minutes later… as the waiter passes our table yet again after serving food to others, talking to his manager, patrolling the grounds, etc.

“Hi! Able to teach us the game now?”

“Yes, hold on for a while.”

The waiter never did get down to teaching us the board game. Atop of that, we got politely asked if we were leaving at 6.05pm (“Are you leaving?” followed by a dirty look). Just 5 minutes after our package had ended. Guess that pretty much spells the end of my visiting that outlet ever again. At least not on a busy day. Which says a lot about a place too.

Rarh, scary.


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