Conspiracy theories, comedies and music that never stops.

Finally, a breather. As I watch 48 Hours’ Special on Michael Jackson, the conspiracy theory earlier injected in my head refuses to budge (random note: I kinda like Jamie Foxx’s statement, “This black man, this black man. He was ours, we shared him with all of you.”). Perez Hilton claims that Michael Jackson isn’t dead, but faked his death to avoid bad debts and the stress from his scheduled comeback. Ah, the beauty of conspiracy theories. I guess the Jackson family not allowing the public to see Michael Jackson for the last time helps to back that theory. And now my viewing of tributes, share of reminiscence, and all else seem marred. Funny little things, these conspiracy theories. Hah.So long, Legend.

Came across this picture of Michael Jackson on the frontpage of Straits Times’ tribute piece to the legend. Found no suitable words to describe the tug on the heartstrings. Guess it’s best left for your personal verdict.

On a lighter note, Ice Age 3. It’s hard to hate the movie, not with Pixar backing the wonderful third installmenIce Age 3 in 3Dt of the hilarious animation. It’s easy to get carried away, and give it an awesome review, what with it being Ice Age and all. The problem is, if you stop to think about it, it wasn’t all that great. Don’t get me wrong, I still think you should watch it. Like I said, it’s near impossible to hate the movie (sadists and pessimists aside). Catching it in 3D, however, was disappointing. The effects were completely lost on me. It’s such an insignificant change that it doesn’t justify spending $4 more on a ticket (with UOB cards, you get $6 tickets on weekday nights, Fridays excluded. 3D was $10, no discounts). The effects were minimal, the picture looked almost the same, the jokes weren’t funnier (haha, okay I’m nitpicking here). 3D effects aside, the movie itself wasn’t amazing either. I guess it’s hard to keep the mojo running after two installments, especially if your main selling point features a bunch of comedic fossils. All in all, 3/5 is a justified score.

I’d still give it 4/5 though, just because it’s Ice Age. Told you it’s hard to hate it. Which is more than I can say for Transformers. Haven’t watched it, don’t plan to. The consistent bad reviews are enough to turn me away, blockbuster and all. I try hard to not let myself do things just so I can tell my friends “Oh yeah, that, been there done that. It was… okay.” and then feel good about myself that I fit in with the crowd. If you know it brings you no benefits, know you won’t enjoy doing it, then why do it just because everyone else is?

paper speakerLastly, this I gotta rave about. Paper desktop speakers. Ones that you make yourself. Yes, you literally assemble the speaker yourself, glue, scissors and all. Of course, they’re not going to be Sennheiser or Bang & Olufsen equivalents. Still, you have to admit, being able to make your own speakers is some sorta cool. Way cool. These come in three designs, and are approximately S$30 (going by current exchange rates). Action City, pick it up please, thank you very much.

Now back to media monitorings, coverage reports, business research and creating surveys. Gosh I can’t wait for the weekend.


One response to “Conspiracy theories, comedies and music that never stops.

  1. Now that the weekend is here, have a great one! =)

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