Back-to-School Wishlist

I never knew that Centrepoint had an office section. Not till the day I had to deliver a test unit to CNET Asia. First, I get lost, going to level 6, but to the Robinsons section. Was so lost that day, I think the sight of me wandering around with a perplexed face made the salesgirls laugh. Eventually, I found the office. Just in case any of you ever have to go to the office section of Centrepoint, take the lift behind POSB Bank. Though I’d have no clue why you’d have to go there.

On that technological note, on to the Back-to-School Wishlist. Stumbling on the fact that I could graduate in 3.5 years (since I have enough exemptions to make that happen), I’ve always thought I was going to graduate this December. My academic report seemed to suggest otherwise. According to the PDF file, I have 5 more course units and 1 Capstone to go. For some reason, I found that a relief. Perhaps it’s the thought of having to take a level 3 Communications module alone & having to take a level 2 Psychology module, combined with the thought of having to clear 5 modules. Finding out that I may not be able to graduate in December was some sort of a breather. Seeing my friends around for longer, being able to stay a student for longer, not having to cram so many modules into my last term at school. It was… consoling.

But, after many rounds of confusing myself as to how many courses I have to clear before filing for graduation (and countless emails to bug Ginny Pak from Office of the Dean), I think I’ve finally got it figured out. 5 course units to go, inclusive of Capstone Seminar. Hence marks my Back-to-School wishlist: Japanese, PR Strategy, Intercultural Comms, Social Cognition, and Capstone Seminar. Not to forget, the Macbook Pro 13.3″. After coming into frequent contact with notebooks, technology websites/blogs and technology news, I think I’m sold. Paul alleviating the financial burdens with his wonderful techie-ness helps too. Apple lifestyle, here I come.

Macbook Pro 13.3"


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