“They” are still wiser.

I used to belong to the camp that refuses to believe that everything “they” say has to be right. 1. Who the heck are these “they” people?, 2. How come they seem to know everything (from “you’ll find your soulmate in university” to “the early bird catches the worm”)., 3. On what scientific or statistical basis do they fashion their argument?

“You know, they say you find your soulmate in university. Don’t worry if you’ve not found anyone till now!”

They say that there will always be office politics wherever you go. You just have to figure out how to outwit, outplay, and outlast.”

I refused to believe a bunch of mysterious, unidentified “they”s could be right about so many important events in the vagueness that is Life. Refused.

Now, I regrettably say that I’m falling into the ranks of “them”. Walking through the school concourse, looking at the hordes of happy campers, feeling incredibly old and jaded tend to have an effect on you. It’s true what “they” say about missing student life after you leave school.

No more being just accountable to yourself (and maybe your parents). No more carefree wanderings around the school campus, seeing familiar faces and stopping at random moments to say hello. No more sitting at the library/benches/Mr Tea/Koufu/wherever people like to sit at in school, watching people and time fly by. No more wonderfully long summer holidays for you to travel/idle/volunteer/do whatever you fancy.

Once you step into the working world, I guess that’s pretty much it. The longest holidays you’ll ever get are 1-2weeks off (unless you take a year off and go on a sabbatical, of course. Not sure if you’ll return to a desk taken over by someone else, though). You’ll probably still have time to meet up with old friends, either after a long tiring day at work, or over the weekends (which will become ever so precious). “Monday Blues” take on a brand new meaning. And goodness knows when you get substantial amounts of time to yourself.

I get it now. Life won’t be the same once we step out of our roles as students. And yes, you’re going to miss it so much. Only that you’d have no idea how much till you’re just about to step into the working world.

“They” were right.


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