Utter disgust at television these days.

Harper’s Island has been such a disgrace. A complete disgrace.  Who in the right mind with proper intellectual juices would create a show like that?

Henry being Wakefield’s son aside, how does it make sense that two people go on a killing rampage to weed out 20 over people because one woman in their lives left them? Wakefield has all that angst because the woman he loved left him and gave up his kid, keeping her 2nd husband’s kid instead. Henry has all that violence in him because his mom gave him up and his foster parents never told him he wasn’t their kid. Hence, together, their anger is directed at Abby, killing 20 over inconsequential people just so they could eventually get to the daughter that the common woman in their lives gave them both up for.

Rightttttt. That makes utter sense. Completely. Makes the entire 13 episodes worth it. What a waste of time. And I can see, Entertainment Weekly agrees.


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