Maybe people should also be fined for leaving their pets outside their houses.

Amen. Thank you for speaking out for those of us who felt too befuddled by the first letter to put their thoughts into words. Or maybe, just me. Haha =)

On another note: If you really felt so much for your pets, why would you leave them outside the house, where anyone (not just stray cats who simply don’t know better) can do anything to them?


ST Forum – Online Story SPCA clarifies: We do not provide cat traps

16 July 2009

Straits Times

I REFER to Tuesday’s Forum Online letter, ‘Feeding cats is as bad as littering’, in particular to the sentence where it is mentioned that the writer borrowed a cat trap from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to trap three cats.

The SPCA would like to clarify that it does not rent out cat traps and has not done so since 2003.

Although there are many people who would love to provide a home for a stray cat, this is not always possible because they may have cats already, or because they are not permitted to keep them. If the HDB policy were to change, the SPCA believes that there would be fewer strays on the street.

The SPCA promotes responsible feeding of stray cats which cannot be regarded as littering, provided the feeder sets the food down in a container and remains there to clean up after the cats have finished.

We would also advise that feeding should be carried out away from public areas in a quiet corner out of consideration for other residents. We salute all individuals and organisations who are helping the animals and taking ownership of the problem despite the obstacles and limited resources.

As much as we are encouraged by the latest statistics showing a gradual decline in the number of stray cats, there is still much need for compassion, empathy and respect for all strays while applying the humane sentiment, to live and let live.

Deirdre Moss (Ms)

Executive Officer

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


ST Forum – Online Story Feeding cats is as bad as littering

14 July 2009

Straits Times

RECENTLY, there have been many cases of cats being poisoned or abused.

My pet green cheek parrot, which has been with us for two years, is now barely alive, lying in a bowl my children made with old newspapers. It was attacked by stray cats. It lost both legs in the brutal fight.

This is not the first time this has happened to my pets. I have lost two canaries, one sharma and one finch to stray cats.

I have written to my Member of Parliament and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

I borrowed the SPCA’s cat traps and caught three cats, but after a while, they got smarter.

I have approached the source of the problem – my neighbour three doors away. I have asked her on many occasions to stop feeding strays.

She is an elderly woman with a kind heart, who feeds the cats twice a day. The cats have increased in number over the years, but not the quantity of food, leaving many of them wandering in the middle of the night in search of food.

I have nothing against cats. I just wish that people who want to keep them as pets would keep them indoors. Feeding strays is nothing more than leaving food on the ground outside your flat. It is similar to littering, which carries a fine of at least $500.

I am curious: If people are fined for feeding monkeys, why can we not do the same with people who feed stray dogs and cats?

Edgar Chen


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