Talk about Truth or Dare

Taking the game a tad too far.

Though I have to admit, there’s some level/form of creativity there, however sick it be =X


Boy, 16, sent to detention centre for sex with girl, 12, as friends watched

21 July 2009

A judge sent a 16-year-old to a detention centre yesterday for having sex with a 12-year-old in front of their friends during a game of “truth or dare”.

Although the offence “started off as a game”, having sex with a minor was a very serious crime, Deputy District Judge Garry Tallentire said.

There was no evidence that the teenager, Lai Tsz-ching, coerced the girl into sex, but the victim was a child and the court had a duty to protect her, the judge said. A message needed to be sent to potential sexual offenders that such an act would not be tolerated, he added. The length of the detention was not made public.

Despite the seriousness of the crime, the age difference between the two was small, the judge said. Lai had acted responsibly by co-operating with police and pleading guilty, which spared the victim the ordeal of recalling events in court, the judge said. Lai had also used a condom.

The girl met Lai through three teenage male friends.

On March 7, they went to a friend’s apartment in the Fu Tai Estate in Tuen Mun where they started a game of truth or dare that also incorporated “spin the bottle”.

When the bottle came to rest pointing at the girl, she had to receive “punishment” on a bed for 10 minutes, the court heard. One of the boys gave Lai a condom, and under the cover of a blanket he had sex with the girl. The friends watched, made noises, and kept time. Several days later, the incident came to the attention of a school social worker, who reported it to the police.

Lai’s lawyer said his client was remorseful and did not know how serious the consequences of his actions would be. He was expelled from school over the incident.

The lawyer said there was no evidence Lai had used force or threatened the girl. Unlike most cases of sex with a minor, Lai was not an adult taking advantage of a child, he was a teenager. The lawyer said Lai had been doing well in school until he met friends who were a bad influence on him. He had also been working hard, including a job at a fish market late at night, to earn money so he would not burden his family,

In a letter to the court, Lai wrote that during his 21 days in custody while he awaited sentence, he realised how important his parents were to him. He regretted disappointing them by committing the offence.


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  1. poor misguided kid. =/

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