Pet peeves and unorthodox creatures.

Clare was showing me tonnes of pictures of deep sea creatures. They are fantabulously interesting, I must say. Sharks that latch onto you and rotate their bodies around to cut out a disc-shaped piece of your flesh, sharks that look like they ought to belong in a fantasy or horror movie, and salamanders that look like a baby kid, among many others. Deep sea creatures are jaw-dropping, awe-inducing and very much breathtaking. Reminds you of how little we do know of our world, yes.

I like to think the same applies for certain people or incidents.  Pet-peeves inducing, unorthodox, and just plain uncool. Here’s the things that have a way of getting on my nerve, for now.

1. People who come to you and tell you they have to study. Out of the blue. No, you weren’t having a conversation on how bad your grades were this semester. No, the topic was not about doing your parents proud and landing an awesome job that pays indecent amounts. Just haphazardly, randomly, unprovoked. “I got to study.” See, I admire you for your strength and diligence. Deep down inside, I am insanely jealous and wish I had that drive. But if you want to study because you feel you have to, then go study. There’s really no use in announcing it to people who happen to be happily trying to enjoy their last few days of freedom before school begins. Yes, school has not begun and you’ve decided to study. You’re motivated and hardworking. But really, no one needs to know. Be a closet mugger, it works better that way.

2. People who end a conversation in mid-air, with no explanations or reason, especially when a possibly crucial topic is being discussed. For example: “Does my butt look fat?” rendering a reply that says “_____ appears to be offline. Messages you send will be delivered when they sign in.” Ouch much. Of course, you should never ask such a question in the first place. Humans tend to love seeking reassurance in the strangest ways, saying something in hopes that it gets refuted by another; we’ve all been down that road sometime. You asking if your butt looks fat already means you think your butt may look fat. In that case, do more toning exercises or get bottoms that help hide that fat. Don’t put someone else through the pain of having to think of a way to gently put you down. But I digress. Cutting off that internet connection ain’t the best way to answer those questions either. The person not trying to at least come up with some excuse later on to explain the sudden disappearance doesn’t help soothe the ego much either, I would think. Silly people who insist on hurting themselves so.

3. People who try to carry on a conversation as if nothing happened when something did happen. I realize boys/guys/men like to do that a lot. Must be something to do with them not being able to handle sensitive issues or hold prolonged discussions that involve emotions. Women tend to handle those better. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out how it became so. Caveman hitting desired girl on head with club to get her to be his wife. Said Caveman then spending the rest of his life fighting wildlife and hunting for food while the women stay home to tend the family and make friends with the neighbors. And you wonder why men have an innate disability when it comes to handling anything to do with emotions. Tip #1: Pretending nothing happened when something did definitely doesn’t get you anywhere. Well, maybe it does. If you count going backwards as going somewhere.

4. People who treat you great one moment and become all cold and unfeeling the next,  not ever letting you know why. One minute, they’re your best friend, talking to you all the time, wanting to know about your life, your day, everything that’s happened. The next minute, they can hardly take time out to have a decent conversation with you, are cold towards your friendliness and behave like they’ve never really known you or wanted to know you. For some reason, people seem to have come to think the notion of hot & cold really works. Treat them great one moment and horrible the next, and you’ll have them eating out of your hands, begging for more. But really, it just irritates the person no end. Do it enough, and you just may see them turning around and getting out of your life, for good. Of course, if that’s your desired intention, then by all means go ahead. It works and just might do the trick for you.

5. People who come into animal shelters and choose “how much does that dog cost?” as their first question when approaching for help. Really, this ain’t a pet shop. In pet shops, you see nothing but puppies, tumbling around and looking all cute, waiting for you to bring them home. They haven’t been abandoned, they’ve been bred, i.e. possibly much less scars and less emotional trauma (though with the way some breeders go, I could be wrong). Adopting a dog isn’t the same as stepping into an air-conditioned pet shop (which incidentally also means you should get used to the way dogs normally smell, thank you very much). When you decide to adopt an animal, you’re promising them a home that they’ve been previously denied, patience that will see you through the many months of re-training to get rid of those unwanted behaviors picked up from being cooped up too long, and love that’s going to last for the animal’s remaining years. So how much they cost really shouldn’t be the first issue on your mind. If it matters that much, they’re free. You’re only paying for their sterilization and microchipping. Happy now?

With all these pet peeves centered around people, one wonders who the unorthodox creatures really are.


One response to “Pet peeves and unorthodox creatures.

  1. I can so relate to #4. 🙂

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