Things I hate about school

I’ve always loved school. Unequivocally, devotedly, completely. There’s some sense of comfort in walking around school, seeing familiar faces, and feeling like you can do just about anything in school as and when you fancy (yes, despite how most people whine and complain about how school sucks because of the competitiveness, it really isn’t that big of a deal if you think about it).

Sadly, I can’t say I love school the same as I used to, class sizes exploding, common sense depreciating and all.

1. Why do people insist on taking the lift when all they need to get to is the 1st-3rd floor, which is already easily accessible via escalator? Maybe there’s a sinister side to the escalator spikes at the end of each step that I’ve never seen. Yes, crunch would testify to that. Haha.

2. Why are people so hung up on the exact number of readings or pop quizzes for each course? You took the class and didn’t drop it because you liked it/need it/had no other option. Live with it.

3. Why is the general population becoming higher in pitch every year? Sigh.

Strange, these things.


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