Motivated Muffin

I need to blog more. Regularly. Something to do with my short attention span. Or short interest span. Or something whatever span. Basically, I need to blog more.

I also need to find things that inspire me to blog. See, times like these, I see the relevance of Twitter. Too lazy to write a decent entry, go on Twitter. 144 words to sum up whatever’s rocking your world.

Sitting in Social Cognition class, I wonder why the class is titled the way it is. I haven’t learnt much on how people perceive things or other people under societal influences. I have, however, picked up on a few design, measurement and analysis theories. Maybe I’ve been sitting in the wrong class the past few weeks.

Strange things happen in school. Hmm, that could be something that starts off the next entry.


One response to “Motivated Muffin

  1. It’s 140 Characters on Twitter. 🙂

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