The littlest things.

There’s often one thing that makes the day right. Adds the icing on the already perfect day, makes a horrid day seem so much more bearable, reminds you of the things that truly matter in the funny thing that is Life.

And then there’s the people that make Life so much easier, directly or indirectly. The ones who are there through it all, “thick and thin”, the ones who may not be there all the time but whom you know always have your back, the ones you laugh with or who make you laugh. Even the ones who come into your life for a short moment, leaving an impact/highlighting the things that matter, then leaving, your life never to be truly the same afterwards.

The things, places, people, events that shape you. That help to remind you that you’re strong enough to pull through just about anything, if not everything.

Tiny I found her sleeping in her cage, stacked among many other cages. She was, just as her name suggests, tiny. At about the size of a human thumb, she had a hold on me. Not to say that the other hamsters/rabbits/guinea pigs/gerbils/cats/dogs don’t (I’ll go into that later). Something told me I had to give this little thing a home. Something about seeing the little thing alone in a cage that would have been a humongous world to her.

14 April 2009 – This little girl comes home with me. The day felt wonderful. Something about giving someone a home. Someone who lost direction and had no ability/idea how to find it back.

14 August 2009 – Tiny gets injured and sees the vet. She’s put on antibiotics and anti-inflammation meds. 10 probational days later, she seems fine. A little sleepier these days, a little more timid. But fine. She now lives in a fish tank, to avoid other reckless injuries.

Seeing her every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed, I realized how much I love her. And how much I’m going to miss her when she’s gone (I’ll deal with that later, someday).

Funny how that resembles much other things. The littlest things in life that we overlook. Because they’re always there and will always be there. Or not. You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry eh? I say you don’t have to wait till the well runs dry. Just experience short bouts of thirst and you’ll be conditioned to appreciate things better. The littlest things.

As for the other hamsters/rabbits/guinea pigs/gerbils/cats/dogs. There’s something inherently inspiring about being at SPCA. Not just entering the compound once in a blue moon to look around and go gaga over cute puppies. But to be there every week, washing the kennels, cleaning the cages, and then spending the rest of the day playing with the animals. Being around these animals who have either been abused/abandoned/lost reminds you about just how blessed you are (you think animals have it easy, wait till you hear the stories).

And if you’re not an animal-lover or can’t stand being around anything other than humans (goodness knows why), the same would apply to something else. If you beg to differ, it might just mean that you haven’t done yourself justice by looking harder.

Sure, huge achievements in life are great pats on the back. I like to think the littlest things, on the other hand, remind you why you’re still here and trying hard, setbacks and all.


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