Oh, tearjerkers.

I haven’t had such a good cry in ages. The last time I bawled my eyes out in the theaters over a sappy movie… I can’t quite remember. Must have been during Notting Hill or something of that sort. But this, is a brand new idea all together.

My Sister's Keeper My Sister’s Keeper. Made me feel like I should have read the book first before I watched the movie. And I don’t feel that way often. Most of the time, I believe in “If there’s going to be a movie, why read the book”. Yes, stone me, but I can’t seem to find the patience to sit through an entire book. I haven’t found enough books that can manage to keep me riveted till the last page.

I was quite turned off when I first knew Cameron Diaz was starring in it. Somehow, I don’t associate Cameron Diaz with good acting. Sure, she does awesome in chick flicks because of those appealing blonde charms. But good acting, not quite. I guess she did enough justice to this film. She wasn’t stellar, but she didn’t suck as badly as I thought she would. Then again, she could have done more to bring out the character of the mother burdened with the responsibilities of saving her dying child and being accountable to the other. The plot saved the average acting. ‘Twas a good plot indeed. Which is why I think I may just be motivated enough to go dig up this book and sit through it till the last page.

Acting-wise, it was impressive to watch the young actors carry their roles. While there wasn’t much stellar acting, Sofia Vassilieva and Alec Baldwin were entertaining to watch. Strangely, I was particularly moved by the young boy playing Jesse Fitzgerald at 12. Brennan Bailey, IMDb tells me. That pudgy face looking all helpless and despaired, pleading with his parents that he’ll try harder. Tearjerker much.

All in all, an enjoyable two hours. How badly can you go wrong with a plot like that.

This Thursday, This Is It. I am quite looking forward to it, the sucker that I am for MJ.

Movies aside, life has been kind. Some missed opportunities, some gained. Recent musings on life and how it’s supposed to be in a few weeks’ time. Four more weeks, and my life as a student ends. No more classes, no more waking up to travel to school in town. Well, okay, probably still traveling to school in town since there’s going to be rehearsals for Just So. But definitely no more classes. I’m not exactly looking forward to being jobless, but definitely looking forward to ending school. The time I’ll get to do the things I want to. What a thought. Going to SPCA whenever I want to, playing with the “kids” (Mighty, Tiny, Dace, Meatball) at home, going for rehearsals. Love, defined. But of course, despite what people would have you believe (“dreams keep you alive”), one needs $ to stay alive. So, onward, job search.

And now, back to my にほんご composition. How exciting.


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