To-do List

Ah, to-do lists. Don’t we just love them. Well, at least I do. Something about writing down the things I have to clear before time runs out, deadlines come hither, that just makes me uber excited. Maybe it’s being able to cross them out one by one as you clear them and see the list get shorter and shorter by the day (or week, or year, depending on how bad a procrastination problem you have). Or maybe it just gives you a sense of purpose in life, that you have that many things to do, and that you’re going to be oh-so-organized in getting them done by the deadlines. Either way, to-do lists are great. For the most part, it’s practical. Helps you keep track of the gazillion things you have to do (especially useful when you’re an SMU student).

Making to-do lists has always been a big feature in my life. I make them all the time. On a piece of paper on the bus ride home, on my hand when I run out of paper, on my 10,000 notebooks (notebooks, are altogether another topic I should start soon. Something very alluring about them too. They make you want to buy them all the time. Or they make your heart sort of flutter whenever you get your hands on a new one. Even if it has various dubious brands printed all over them), in my head while I walk to school/home/whatever. I’ve also realized that in my 22 years as a student, I never stopped making to-do lists. In kindergarten, they made us make to-do lists to pass to our parents so they could make sure we got all our homework done. The same applied for primary school. In secondary school, we learnt to keep track of our things and exams with ugly but sort of useful school diaries. The same applied for junior college. Then came university, which was so beautifully crazy, it made to-do lists an essential for every kid who wishes to remain sane, keep track of events/project meetings/project presentations/reports/midterms/finals, and reach that oh-so-desired GPA.

Then there’s to-do lists for the things you want to do after a major exam. To-do lists for things you want to see/do before you die (bucket lists). We’ve all made some sort of to-do lists, either physically or mentally.

To-do List

1. Social Cognition Research Proposal

2. Social Cognition Final Exam

3. Japanese Composition

4. Japanese Homework 2

5. Japanese Conversation

6. Capstone Exhibition

7. Capstone Seminar

8. Capstone Report

9. ICC Presentation

10. PR Strategy Presentation

11. Graduation

2 weeks to the end of student life as I know it.

2 weeks to the end of making to-do lists related to studies.

I plan my life on my hand.

2 weeks to adulthood.


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