The Roadtrip

I submitted my last exam paper today. It was somewhat surreal, sitting at that table, surrounded by classmates, all steeped in their presumably focused attempts to produce concise answers to the glorious essay questions. It was even more unreal when it came down to my last sentence. So unreal, I decided to stick in the room and wait a bit. And spew out a paragraph or two just to wait it out. Before realizing how silly I was being, and getting up to submit the paper. I could have grooved my way to the front of the classroom, jiggy-ed to my bag, and danced out of the exam room.

But of course, unlike what most people would say/think once they’re done with their final exam, I wasn’t glad to be done with SMU. Just glad to be done with mugging for exams. And years of sometimes being stuck with not so capable project mates. Apart from those, SMU has been pretty enjoyable. I’m actually going to miss life in SMU. This is why I laugh at people who whine and complain about how horrible it is to be in school, what with the competition going on in classes, loads of work and lack of time to pursue personal interests and all. See, that’s not true. You choose how your university life is going to be. I made my choice to not get addicted to the library, schedule efficient meetings, do work quick, study when I have to, and most other times, engage in activities that made these 3.5 years worthwhile. I’m not saying there’s hardly any work to be done, I’m not saying competition isn’t rife in classes, and I’m certainly not saying that university life is easy. But if you make your choice to mug away every hour (apart from the other hours spent in classes) in the library and at home just so you can maintain your position at the front of the rat race, why whine and complain that SMU left you with no choice? And it’s got nothing to do with the batch you’re in. You choose to follow, don’t you? Befuddling.

The Photo Project starts tomorrow. Exciting things. Look out for sentimental recaps and tearful goodbyes.

And so what better way to mark the end of university life with a graduation trip. Well, not much of a graduation trip considering my idea of a graduation involves being away for at least 2 weeks. More of a roadtrip, a short getaway that I can manage given rehearsal schedules and upcoming work. Technically, not much of a roadtrip either since most roadtrips involve a car and some silly friends going somewhere for a quick getaway. There’s the silly friends, but not so much of a car. Unless, of course, a coach is considered a car. Then yes, roadtrip it is!

So there was Macau, Siem Reap, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh. Tough luck trying to plan something on that scale with the measly amount of time we had on our hands. Note to self: always start early when planning a free-and-easy trip.

Since the lack of time and perseverance limited our options, Malaysia then quickly became the most feasible form of “going overseas”. Even that wasn’t easy. Coaches were fully booked, hotels were fully reserved.

After much countless searching and endless sourcing through what seemed like mostly dubious information (e.g. company website’s online booking says there’s no vacancies, but a call to the office leaves us with information of numerous spaces; company website states a rate, but a call to the office leaves us with another rate. bizarre much), I think we finally have it.

Here we come.


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  1. why are you saying thank you to me silly?

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