Dear Mr Somebody

Dear Mr Somebody,

It’s been a while since the both of us talked. How are you? Things are the same with me. Seen more, experienced some, learnt a lot. I still encounter much random moments. Still see many passing faces. Some remind me of times loved and lost. Some resemble the countless smiles and seemingly endless laughter of times gone by. Some eluding to the thought of you.

Funny thing it is, this little thing called Life. It feels routine most of the time, repeating the motions day after day – wake up, wash up, head out, enjoy a lovely day, get  back, go to sleep. Then sometimes, out of the blue, it hits you with thoughts. Reflections, realizations, musings. Contemplating over times gone by, people met, experiences. And that’s when I find myself thinking of you. Has life moved on on your end just like it has on mine? It must have, and how fun it must be. Because it always is, this funny little thing called Life.

Maybe one day our paths will cross again. Probably not. But every experience becomes a part of us, whether we know it or not. I read somewhere that every place we go, every person we meet, we leave a little piece of ourselves behind. I like to think we bring along a little piece of that some place/some one too. Nice thought it is, that while we may never meet again, we each form a little portion of the other, however small it may be.

I’m quite happy these days. Time and events have taught me some and helped me understand more about myself. I like to think that you’ve learnt quite a bit about yourself too. Because I believe that experiences should always leave us enriched. May happiness always be with you, and that you never forget how to smile. Most of all, that you never lose your ability to muse over every phase you experience in life.

And so I wrote because I thought of you. Thank you for helping form a little piece of me.




2 responses to “Dear Mr Somebody

  1. i like that. what part of me have i left with you?

    I think you’ve left with me the importance of persuing your passions and sacrificing time in persuit of it. Your music and acting did that 🙂

    • janeconfessions

      Aww jasbir. I haven’t actually pursued it the way I’d like to. But thanks for thinking that way of me! =)

      You’ve left with me the part about thinking about things, chilling even through madness, and always holding on to that laidback nature.

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