My imaginarium would be filled with jello castles.

This was awesome. The jokes were subtle and corny, the british accent was strong, and the times were old and rotten. Got to love a movie with all these elements. Heath Ledger was fun to watch, Christopher Plummer was like the grandpa I wished I had, Andrew Garfield made me fall in love, Verne Troyer was snarky and Lily Cole was just oh-so-pretty to look at. Thirty minutes into the show, and I found myself asking out loud (repeatedly, much to the annoyance of the girl next to me), “Where’s Johnny Deppppppppppppp?”

And there he was. In his less-than-five-minutes glory. But glory, nonetheless. Oh I am so in love with Johnny Depp (enough for me to fathom the idea of sitting through Alice In Wonderland when it comes out in March).

And then there was Jude Law. And then Colin Farrell. Now, the last choice was just… bizarre. But maybe it’s because I never understood the charms of this Farrell person. Jude Law and his horribly receding hairline is still sexy, in some ways.

So the movie was pretty enjoyable. It made me miss Heath Ledger, like how This Is It made me miss Michael Jackson. The pity.

And seeing how I’ve caught Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs just yesterday, I am now certain that I want my imagination to be filled with jello castles, dogs and cats.

Man I wish they made the show in 3D.


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