Yes, the world won’t change. I know.

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote. Just haven’t been riled up/motivated enough to type something down. But really, having the same “argument” presented to you for the gazillionth time is just about enough.

1. I am trying to cut down on eating meat because I love animals too much to be able to live with the fact that while I love animals, I unwittingly partake in the torture and needless suffering of tens of thousands of animals whenever I consume meat.

2. I am not completely vegan because it is too darn hard, especially if you’ve been eating meat for the past twenty-two years of your life. So I still consume meat on occasional meals and try to not have meat whenever I can.

3. Sometimes I give myself excuses so that I feel better about myself while I am still consuming meat. Aforementioned #2 is one such excuse. And the excuses usually don’t work. I end up feeling bad anyways.

4. Which is why I am trying to cut down on eating animals. So that I can stop feeling like a hypocrite everytime I eat.

5. And yes, I know the world isn’t going to change. Majority, if not close to all, of the world’s population will continue to consume meat in various forms despite my efforts to not partake in the cruelty that these farmed animals are put through. I’m not waiting on the world to change, and I have never had the idea that my attempt to stop eating animals could change the world. I’m just trying my best not to be part of that majority.

6. I know you want to continue eating animals and understand why you choose to allay your guilt/non-guilt with the thought that the world isn’t going to change. I get it. I wasn’t even thinking of berating you into not eating animals. So there’s really no need to present any arguments while we speak.

7. If you’re truly interested in why I’m trying to not eat animals, I have tonnes to share with you. It’s not evangelical, I’m not trying to brainwash you. If things get ugly, we can always agree to disagree and let our lives continue as they were before.

Now, can we just enjoy our conversations and meals (even if it means we’re eating different dishes) like how friends would?


2 responses to “Yes, the world won’t change. I know.

  1. A fellow wannabe-veggie! I too have gone back and forth from being vegetarian to sometimes being non-vegetarian for all of the reasons you have stated + environmental concerns. Am trying this time to stay meat-free for the rest of 2010.

    It is great to hear you are making this effort, and it may not seem like one person makes a difference – but it does!!! Do let me know if you find some awesome places to eat 😀

  2. u can try to replace it w mock meat! u think it’d help? but it’s essentially kinda the same.. in a sense tt u r stil eating ‘meat’ in a different form.. im not sure how far u wanna go in defining what constitutes to meat.. i guess the hardest part for me is when i go out w frens.. i find it difficult not to eat meat.. then it spirals down fr there.. i was doing fine in melb being a good vegan when i didnt need to socialise w pple.. ah well..

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