I don’t know who to direct this anger at.

There’s a reason why I started volunteering.

For the love of dogs. Cats. Rabbits. Guinea Pigs. Hamsters. And recently, chickens. I think this list will expand, indefinitely.

See I never believed in changing the world. But I do believe in trying to make a difference for as many as I can, in whatever possible way I could.

But sad to say, this doesn’t seem to be the same for those who may share this passion of mine. I don’t, for a second, doubt that there are people who love animals just like me, or even love them in ways more than I could ever. And some make sure their cause is heard. Then there’s some that seem to care, I mean, they must care, with all that they’re doing. How do you champion a cause that’s one of the least cared for in this country without meaning it? Others would just pick an easier battle. So you’d think those who picked the one of animal rights must surely be crazy and committed enough to stand behind it.

Then how do you explain the countless cases of oh-no-they-didn’t moments when a counsellor gives the (seemingly) worst advice ever? Oh yes, please bring this little one home as a companion for your humongous husky. This one? Sure! It’s so gentle and doesn’t even nip or bite at all, it’s just what you want and has to go well with your tiny shih-tzus. Disclaimer: It is also only 2.5 months old and will probably start teething soon (which means nipping, oops). And how do you explain the decisions made by those who don’t even come into contact with the animals and have barely any idea how each of them have their own characteristics, just like we do?

Ethnocentrism and racism are words that are spoken with disdainful tones. Yet don’t we do it all the time, whenever we use our points of view and personal standards to judge another who may be going on a different yardstick? We humans have every right to treat animals like the low-life that they are, because we’re the “superior” race. A misbehaving dog? Oh, put it to sleep and the world would be the same 5 minutes after. What would the reaction be if the same was said for misbehaving children? They’re the same as us, aren’t they? We all have temperaments and bad days. And yet because we were gifted with the skills to speak a language that is widely understood, invent computers and fancy equipment to study other species, and take up a large portion of the earth (much to its disdain), we get to decide what goes.

Yet what exactly is my point? People will continue to insist we’re the superior race, “just because”. And some will continue to abuse that self-granted “right” in their “well-informed” decisions.

There’s a reason why I started volunteering. And it’s sad to know that the thing I’m fighting exists within the trench I chose to fight in. But in a strange way, that makes me want to fight in the same trench even more.

So where am I going with this? Nowhere, really. I was going to sleep 1.5 hours ago when thoughts led me astray and brought me to Facebook, where I learnt things that were possibly worse than what I expected. And then I just got too angry to sleep, I had to write. But I don’t even know who to direct this anger at.


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