So, how old are you today?

Most birthdays, you spend celebrating. With loved ones, good friends, even people you may not know very well. Mostly unknowingly, you celebrate the day you were born. And hopefully, those who celebrate with you, celebrate the day a person who means something to them came to be, without which, life would just be a little bit less interesting. Yes, that’s what I like to think. Just to romanticize birthdays a little.

This birthday, I celebrate knowing.

I’ve never grown so much within such a short span of time. From the sheltered life of school to the whirlwind that is the working world. Working changes everything. The people you used to see so often in school aren’t around as much anymore, if around at all. Some friends you hold dear remember you, some don’t. When the shared identity ends, you often lose more than a few people from that once common background. It really shouldn’t bother you, since it happens all the time to everyone. But yes, it will.

Then there are those who don’t forget, who stay around. Some you have to put in a little effort to remind, some you never do.

And then there are those who never forget. Who forever share the common background and identity that’s just hardly ever forsaken.

On this day, I celebrate the consolation of knowing. Knowing those who forever share the bond, those who will remember for the foreseeable future, and those who slowly drift away.

Because in a world that is no longer sheltered and open to the unpredictable elements of bosses, economic climates, and company bottomlines, knowing is a good thing.

Happy Birthday too, Mighty 🙂


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