A Song For No-one, Everyone

I wrote a simple love song,
I think it’s meant for you.
I’m not sure why I wrote it,
Or what I wish it’d do.
But to convey emotion, this way it shall be through.
With lack of romantic notion, in short it’s
“I miss you”.

I miss the early mornings,
The times we stood in line.
The glances cast, the moments passed,
The unsaid long goodbyes.

Then short notes, long posts,pleasant stunts,
Includes a box or two.
Without intention to wow or woo, pure simple
“I like you”s.

One thing I always remember,
your bouts of sudden flair.
In four short musical minutes,
You notice I’m not there.
The sudden abridged message,
The one that says “Take care”.

I realized you’ll be with me,
In random forms somewhere.

And here today I write this,
A way to let you know.
Through twisted words and funny rhymes,
A quirky way of show.

You’ll see this, yes,
You’ll know this, no.
The chance of change is low.

For 1,6,4,0 after, I just found out today,
“I miss you” not for “I like you”,
But for the things I’ll never say.


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