Maybe it’s a sign. Or maybe not.

Name: Tom, Meow, many names come into mind. But because naming it would mean large doses of attachment and adoration, it’s better to keep it as “It”.

Breed: Cat, local.

Age: Probably about 2 months.

Date found: 16 June 2010, 1 am.

Place found: Next to a rubbish chute.

Reason for putting it up for adoption: 1. Abandoned by someone. Supposedly first spotted next to a cage with an animal in it. Possibly a guinea pig. Said cage with guinea pig was later taken by someone, leaving the kitten. 2. Discoverers can’t keep it. For many lame but yet sadly true reasons.

Description: Malnutritioned, horribly underweight, scruffy fur, a slightly bare patch around the left side of its nose. Afraid of people and sudden movements (but really, which living thing that suddenly faces a strange environment wouldn’t be?). Loves rubs under the chin. Dislikes being carried. Squirms when held, scurries away quickly, then trots back for chin rubs.

Purpose of post: To find a good family. Maybe they’re right under our noses and closer than we think. Maybe not. Either way, “It” deserves a good home.

It took a day to warm up to discoverer. And then took 10 minutes to warm up to discoverer’s friend. Loves rubs under and next to the chin. Purrs like a machine drones, in a cute way. Slightly naughty, not scratchy. Yet. Whines to get your attention, and most importantly, your hand. Knocks itself against your hand just to get that rub under the chin. Follows your every step to get your love.

Don’t we wish our friends/loved ones were more like that. But that’s besides the point.

So. While it’s in the midst of being nursed back to health (hopefully very soon), a good family must be found. As time slowly passes, “It” sneakily creeps into the heart. If said family is not found soon, goodness knows if parting will even be possible.

Maybe it’s a sign. Or maybe not.

Just looking at “It” as it sleeps is enough to defeat trains of logical thought. If a good family exists for this critter, they better show up soon.


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