And I will celebrate you.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009. You were tucked in a corner, the smallest I’d ever seen. I didn’t think a living thing could be that tiny. But you were. Living, and tiny. I couldn’t put you back. Signing the papers to bring you home, your name made me laugh. A coincidence, indeed.

February, 2009. I know why I started. The eventual aim to bring home my first dog. Along the way, I found more. More to give, love, care. And that Tuesday, I felt what it was like to give someone – who didn’t have a place to call his/her own – a home. Traveling home with you in a small carrier, I knew why I’d continue.

Saturday, 15 August 2009. You pulled your leg on the grills. The first time I got reminded that I would eventually lose you. A midnight call to the doctor said there was nothing much to be done but to keep you warm till the morning. Rushing you down the moment possible, the doctor was amazed at how easy you were to handle. You’ve always been friendly. And strong. You healed yourself without much help. And you moved into my room.

Thursday, 1 April 2010. Your birthday. Got you jelly, figured that was the closest to cake I could get. The picky eater that you are, you only licked it. But we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ anyway.

Saturday, 14 August 2010. You haven’t been eating much. But the sunflower seeds were always cleared. Today, you looked particularly frail. You didn’t run like your usual self anymore.

Sunday, 15 August 2010. Hunched over and drifting in and out of consciousness. I knew you were going soon. You couldn’t run anymore, but you did one last time in my hand. Your eyes weren’t open, but I hope you could see.

The trip to the vet was futile. There wasn’t much they could do anymore.

Sunday, 15 August 2010. A year after I almost lost you. I’m not going to mourn, because there’s hardly any use for that. Today, I celebrate you. For giving me the chance to feel the difference between buying and adopting. For reminding me why this is the passion I chose. And for filling the room with life.

Sunday, 15 August 2010.

Forever remembered, Tiny.


One response to “And I will celebrate you.

  1. Hey, this is gonna sound abit creepy; I was browsing FB and came across ur page and got linked to ur blog. BUT I was from BE too (E&B) before, in my final year now. So I kinda seen u ard before, so its not totally stalking. Haha.

    Anyway, reading ur blog makes me feel really happy. Cos I feel the EXACT same way as u do on issues pertaining to animal rights and welfare. I used to volunteer with SPCA, recently though I’ve stopped. I used to be a regular 2-day a week vegetarian, with the intention of converting into a full weekday vegetarian – that was sometime in 2009. I used to keep abreast with animal welfare issues but I don’t do all that anymore. Somewhere along the way, the sadness and dishearten-ness (whatever tt means) just became too much to bear and the people around me, not sharing my ideals – so I can totally understand ur posts abt ppl saying unkind things like “If u bother helping animals, why not help humans first”, or “go and do something really useful with ur time” – and then I stopped feeling so much and I hate that.

    So thank you… Thank you for ur passion, ur enthusiasm, ur kindness, ur compassion and all ur efforts to help animals. Here’s a little story I read from Chicken Soup for the Animal Lover’s Soul:

    A young boy’s pet dog has just died of old age, and he is at the vet with his mother when this happens. The boy does not cry, instead he smiles. And his mom, worried that he might be so trumatised and shaken by the death that he has gone crazy, asks him if he is alright that his dog just passed on.

    Boy: Mom, didn’t u tell me before that people die because they have learnt about love, compassion and kindness? And so return back to God’s side?
    Mom: (smiles) Yes, darling…
    Boy: Well, animals know all of that already. So I’m not sad that (my dog) died.

    I think it’s sweet. Animals are the purest, but in our own “superior”, tainted understanding of the world, such purity has no meaning.

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