Thank You, Mighty Mouse.

Didn’t think I’d be doing this again so soon. But I saw this coming. It was a matter of time.

The one that I might have been the most similar to. A little angsty, a little playful, eats just about anything and always up for a fight. The first after a rather painful experience that lasted only slightly more than a year. Keeping me company through a somewhat trivial, yet difficult, period back then.

Survived a tumor, the most remarkable way. One day it was there, a few weeks later, it wasn’t. I still suspect you got rid of it and healed yourself. Quite the loner, didn’t like being carried or touched. Always scrambling to get away, at a very quick pace too. You were always the fighter. You may have even taught me a thing or two about resilience.

A good 2 years and 4 months. Thank you for being part of my life.

You’ll always be the original Mighty Mouse ♥

We miss you.


One response to “Thank You, Mighty Mouse.

  1. Oh no! She passed away too? 😦

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