Go away, 시간 없어, 안녕 ♥

I don’t usually get like this. Or rather, I don’t usually get like this and then write about it. It’s too trivial. But I’m bored, have time that I don’t know what to do with, and just happen to be provoked enough.

1. From what I know, and I’m not exactly oblivious or clueless when it comes to these things, I haven’t done anything that could possibly validate this form of attention.

2. We’re not anywhere close to being friends. Not by my definition of ‘friend’. Or yours, I’m sure. So there couldn’t be any chance that I crossed the line, stepped on your tail, went beyond the boundary, or whatever-other-phrase-that-fits-here, during our conversations. Which, to be quite specific, comes close to none.

3. The last time I checked, it’s quite alright for me to walk on common ground and public areas, speak to people who are actually nice to me, and not forgetting, to breathe.

4. I take extra care not to let my speeches or statements to people around me go beyond the 15-60 dB range. And I’m quite sure I succeed each time. So it can’t possibly be bothering anyone. If not, please let me know.

5. Though we’re not friends, I put in effort to smile, nod, or sometimes even conjure up casual greetings. But it doesn’t seem like you wish to, which I’m completely fine with (socializing isn’t exactly my thing, no matter how often I have to do it).

Of course, I could be reading too much when all I need to do is take Valium for it to go away. But going by the frequency, if I were, I must be so delusional that Valium wouldn’t be enough.

So, really, if anything, there’s no need for things to be the way they currently are. Cease and desist, please. It would make the world a better, if not easier, place to be in.



One response to “Go away, 시간 없어, 안녕 ♥

  1. what a cryptic post..

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