Some people choose to cosy up to strangers they probably won’t ever meet again at national, community, neighborhood countdown thingums.

Some choose to down crazy or close to crazy amounts of alcohol, embracing a new year, inebriated.

Some stay out/up late, some get high, many use fireworks as a way to mark a wonderful beginning.

How the above stand for impactful changes, significant beginnings or meaningful moments, I don’t know.

But a handful of us, choose to do something extremely ordinary. Something that isn’t that different from what you do every other day. Yet, something that does contribute to moving you in the direction you desire.

The first day of 2011, I spent it at a place that means something to me, with the ones I wish to love for the rest of my life. Not just because it makes me happy, but because I learn, just by being there.






I hope yours was remarkable too.


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