Oh just shut up already.

Yes, I get it. You love the opposition and hate PAP. I already got that message after your first few posts. I don’t need another 10.

Yes, there are many valid reasons for you to hate PAP. Many, indeed. I can’t even argue with a lot of them, because they’re really valid ones.

There are, however, also many reasons why there are people who don’t think highly of the current calibre we have in the opposition. And those reasons are valid as well, as much as you hate to admit it. You really don’t have to preach your beliefs and shame those who don’t agree.

The way I (and a lot of other people I’ve been talking to about this) see it, we’re just whiners. Big, grown adults who’re behaving like infants. Couldn’t get the perfect dollhouse/lego building you’ve been dreaming of? Cry about it. Your cousin got a bigger red-packet than you did at Chinese New Year? Bemoan favoritism.

Life didn’t go the way you want it to. You want someone to make it all better.

I foresee many who’ll read this labeling me as “apathetic”, “unintelligent” or “ignorant”. I wouldn’t expect it any other way. Because that’s how illogical and unreasonable we’ve gotten, not just during this GE.

But we’re all entitled to our point of view. And what I see now is a big group of crying babies complaining about how unfair life has been for them. And who will probably continue to complain about all sorts of new things for many years to come, whatever party turns out to be the victorious one. I wouldn’t expect it any other way.

But don’t worry, I will cast my vote come 7 May. And it won’t be a blank one. But it wouldn’t matter which party I vote for, because honestly, regardless of whoever wins, it’s not going to really change our lives overnight. We’re still going to be lazy, complaining whiners who’ll find fault in just about anything we can.

Stop trying to peddle your point of view. Because all I hear is whining and complaining. We’re not babies anymore, but you sound like one to me. I’d prefer not to start looking at you in another light, so stop.

Want something? Get it yourself. Don’t expect a party to come along and grant your every wish. Don’t expect it to be handed out to you easy. Because reality check, life isn’t easy. It isn’t fair either. Suck it up.


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