Reason why I’m probably not going to vote for you this GE

“Dear Residents of West Coast, the time for change is now!”

I’ve been hearing your loudhailer chants for days. I’ve read countless posts and blogs about how the opposition parties have stirred the ruling party into action (though I personally feel the credit should really go to the people of Singapore, not the parties). I’ve never doubted that the current ruling party needs to change a few (heck, quite a bit of) things. I don’t need the chant for “Change” slammed in my face and rammed down my throat.  I know it’s time for it. You’ve repeated it to death.

You talk about change. You make pledges that, if they could work without major repercussions, would really make Singapore a better place to live in. Idealistic and motivated, you definitely are.

Your statements are so vague, no one could possibly find fault in them. How do I argue with cheaper and better lower-income housing for those who need it? Why would I be against a guaranteed minimum income since it promises more stability? I’d never disagree with increased investment in improving quality of education. But my question is, how are you going to do all that, exactly?

Anyone can promise a Swiss standard of living. But if that were all it took, to make bombastic statements and promises, I could run for the elections too.

I wish I could  believe your promises, but I don’t. You haven’t convinced me.

And it doesn’t help that most (I don’t mean all) who support you are mindlessly chanting your “Change” rhetoric, and making statements such as “We need an alternative voice in parliament!” without focusing too much on the quality of alternative voices available.

Yes, change is vital. True, alternative voices need to be in parliament to keep the ruling party in check. But I want effective change. I want intellectual alternative voices.

I’m ready for change. I don’t think you are.


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