Some people choose to cosy up to strangers they probably won’t ever meet again at national, community, neighborhood countdown thingums.

Some choose to down crazy or close to crazy amounts of alcohol, embracing a new year, inebriated.

Some stay out/up late, some get high, many use fireworks as a way to mark a wonderful beginning.

How the above stand for impactful changes, significant beginnings or meaningful moments, I don’t know.

But a handful of us, choose to do something extremely ordinary. Something that isn’t that different from what you do every other day. Yet, something that does contribute to moving you in the direction you desire.

The first day of 2011, I spent it at a place that means something to me, with the ones I wish to love for the rest of my life. Not just because it makes me happy, but because I learn, just by being there.






I hope yours was remarkable too.


This Christmas and New Year, I’m a Mom.


I worry I’m not teaching him the right things. I’m anxious about his bowel movements. I only relax and breathe when he’s asleep. I rush from home to work, and then from work to home, just because he can’t be left alone for too long.



This Christmas and coming 2011, I’m a Mom.

It somehow hasn’t fully registered. The fact that after 23 years, I’m getting to have my first dog. After goldfish, terrapins, praying mantis, hamsters, guinea pigs, and cat, the house has its very first canine resident.

So this year, I’m thankful for the blessings. The opportunities, the people, the animals, the life I’m getting to live. 2010 was turbulently awesome. If you were a part of it, Thank You.

With what seems like a few “adventures” to embark on, 2011 looks to be exciting. Be it good or bad, it’s going to be an eye-opening journey. Join me?

Merry X’mas and Fantabulous 2011, everyone ♥

The best gift this year, of all 23 years.

Near 3 years after I first started volunteering at SPCA, I think I may have achieved what I initially intended. “may”, because I want to make sure that this is the right choice.

But Mom made me give him a name. She gave me till tomorrow. After surfing the net aimlessly for 2 hours, I think I got it.

Naming him is going to screw up my sense of control. Or whatever’s left of it. Big time.

Hello, Dasher ♥

“Be Happy”

After I discovered tumblr and its convenience, it’s been a while since I wrote here. Not much has changed, not in the grand scheme of things.

Random thought: Is change measured by actual alterations in tangible terms? Can you consider yourself changed if there isn’t actually anything physical or substantial to show that you have?

I feel changed. Things feel different. Slightly messy, kinda lost, all round clueless. Or just generally going around in the same circle. I feel changed, but things don’t appear changed. Is that change? Or is it just over-thinking things?

There are things that I wish were different. Things that I wish to change. Things I wish to let know. Things I want to wish away. Things that linger around, that I don’t know what to do with.

And as these things slowly barge in and consume what’s left, all you really need – to remind you that there’s always a way no matter how hard it seems – is a simple “Be Happy” written on a whiteboard, left there for you to read by a 9 year old.


Lazy Afternoons

Lazy afternoons never felt so good.

I could really use a wishbone right now.

Here are the things that I would like to help keep me sane.

1. http://asia.cnet.com/crave/2010/09/22/fujifilm-x100-price-announced/ – though looking at the price of this baby, I might not be that sane if I actually get it come March 2011.

2. http://kotaku.com/assets/resources/2007/01/crusty_wii.jpg – not so much the someone to grow old with. more of the console. though of course, it would be some sort of sweet to have someone who’s game enough to play wii at that age.

3. http://thefashiongarage.blogspot.com – for people to start saving these pieces that are currently going to waste at home. and for me to feel less guilty when I continue buying new stuff while these waste at home.

4. http://reviews.cnet.com/iphone-5-most-wanted-features – simply because I want something to play games on while on my way to anywhere.

5. peace, love and sanity – the opportunity to get some peace without constantly having to battle torrents and hail, a little bit of love from the powers that be to help alleviate strenuous situations, and just sanity. Sane, and let sane. Every one needs a breather, really. So just chill and back off.

Feel free to contribute to any of the above ♥

Go away, 시간 없어, 안녕 ♥

I don’t usually get like this. Or rather, I don’t usually get like this and then write about it. It’s too trivial. But I’m bored, have time that I don’t know what to do with, and just happen to be provoked enough.

1. From what I know, and I’m not exactly oblivious or clueless when it comes to these things, I haven’t done anything that could possibly validate this form of attention.

2. We’re not anywhere close to being friends. Not by my definition of ‘friend’. Or yours, I’m sure. So there couldn’t be any chance that I crossed the line, stepped on your tail, went beyond the boundary, or whatever-other-phrase-that-fits-here, during our conversations. Which, to be quite specific, comes close to none.

3. The last time I checked, it’s quite alright for me to walk on common ground and public areas, speak to people who are actually nice to me, and not forgetting, to breathe.

4. I take extra care not to let my speeches or statements to people around me go beyond the 15-60 dB range. And I’m quite sure I succeed each time. So it can’t possibly be bothering anyone. If not, please let me know.

5. Though we’re not friends, I put in effort to smile, nod, or sometimes even conjure up casual greetings. But it doesn’t seem like you wish to, which I’m completely fine with (socializing isn’t exactly my thing, no matter how often I have to do it).

Of course, I could be reading too much when all I need to do is take Valium for it to go away. But going by the frequency, if I were, I must be so delusional that Valium wouldn’t be enough.

So, really, if anything, there’s no need for things to be the way they currently are. Cease and desist, please. It would make the world a better, if not easier, place to be in.